Lviv National Academy of Arts (LNAA) is one of the leading higher educational institutions of the 4th level of accreditation of Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe. It was founded in 1946 on the basis of Lviv Art and Industrial School, known since 1876. The institution functioned as Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art up to 1994 and as Lviv Academy of Arts up to 2004.
Today LNAA is a modern, dynamic, and integral team of specialists providing high-quality professional knowledge to more than 1,000 students at four faculties and in its division, Kosiv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. Applied and decorative arts (ceramics, glass, wood, metal, textiles), fine arts and restoration of works of art (monumental and decorative sculpture, monumental painting, sacred art), design (interior, clothing, graphics), history and theory of art, art management are being actively developed here.

The Academy of Arts of Ukraine was founded on 14th of December of 1996 according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine “About the Academy of Arts of Ukraine” N1209/96 as a state scientific-artistic organization in the field of art and art criticism. The Academy includes departments of fine, musical, theatrical and cinematography arts, theory and history of art (art criticism), synthesis of plastic arts, section of aesthetics and cultural studies in structure of department of synthesis of plastic arts. Departments are engaged in identifying priority development paths of Ukrainian art, main directions of fundamental scientific researches, advancement of education, organization of scientific-applied researches in this field. 

The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation is a state-owned institution created in 2017 in correspondence with the Law of Ukraine with aim to facilitate development of culture and arts in Ukraine, to provide favourable environment for development of intellectual and spiritual potential of individuals and society, wide access for the citizens to national cultural heritage, to support cultural diversity and integration of the Ukrainian culture into the world cultural space. The Ukrainian Cultural Foundation supports projects through a competitive selection process. Activities of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation are guided and coordinated by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

The National Museum, founded in 1905 by the Greek-Catholic Metropolitan Andrey Sheptitsky, is cituated in neorenaissance grandiose building. The exhibition of the Art Museum, the funds of which count more than 150,000 items, demonstrate age-old traditions of Ukrainian national culture. Of particular note is the largest in Ukraine collection of national medieval religious art XII – XVIII centuries, which includes icons, sculptures, manuscripts and early printed books, decorative carving, metal plastic and embroidered ecclesiastical fabric, ceramics, bone, metal, fabric, embroidery, folk clothes, Easter eggs, embroidery, painting on glass. In addition, the museum also occur and temporary exhibitions.

The National Museum in Lviv named after Andrey Sheptytsky is a national art museum, one of the most significant cultural treasure in Ukraine. The main building is located at Svobody avenue, 20 and the second building is at Drahomanov str., 42.

Glass Museum was founded in 1992 by Professor Andriy Bokotey with the aim to exhibit the results of International Blown Glass Symposiums in Lviv. In this place, museum began to work in 2006, and the exhibition, which is now being presented in April 19, 2013. The uniqueness of this museum is that it’s the first and currently the only glass museum in Ukraine. First Hall is dedicated to historical glass. Most of the exhibits are from the collection of the Lviv History Museum. This is the glass, which was made or used on the territory of modern Ukraine. 

PM GALLERY is a youth art space, founded in September 2019 and located in the premises of the Lviv Palace of Arts at Kopernik str., 17. The main idea of ​​the project is to create a dynamic platform for communication between young Lviv artists, demonstration of their creative experiments in the gallery exhibition space. PM Gallery produces exhibitions of contemporary Ukrainian art and organizes various educational and entertaining events (lectures, creative meetings, workshops, etc.). PM Gallery is a place to go after work or study, so evening is the most enjoyable part of PM life.