World glass in Ukraine: 1989-2016

World Glass in Ukraine: 1989-2016 exhibition

The unique collection of compositions gathered during ten International Blown Glass Symposiums in Lviv in 1989-2016 includes over 350 units. It is stored in the funds of Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv and Glass Museum in Lviv.

There are many glass museum in the world, but collection none of them was formed with author’s works, performed in one place during artistic forums. This thing, at first sight, can have no essential meaning for cultural value of museum collection, but first of all, the specificity of the process of author’s composition performance by blowing should be taken into account. In normal everyday conditions and comfort workshops, the artists can freely use their time and select necessary equipment for realization of preliminary designed author’s works.

The improvisation and necessity to change the project because of objective circumstances appeared in the process of performance near the furnace are not so a necessary quality in such conditions as working during the symposium. Here, artists dispose of extremely short time for performance right near the furnace as well as for further processing and finishing of composition. Apart from this, the artists work with absolutely another material (physical properties of glass melt differs greatly in different places), a new crew of master performers and under pressure of general attention of the participants and many detached spectators of the event. Selected art pieces from the collection demonstrating the full range of techniques, versatility of creative experiments, unboundness of artistic ideas and wide geography of symposium participants are exhibited in the National Museum of National Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art in Kyiv. This project inaugurates the jubilee 11 International Blown Glass Symposium in Lviv.

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