"#glassUA" exhibition

The exhibition of young Ukrainian artists #glassUA took place in the Gallery LNAA in frame of the 11th International Blown Glass Symposium in Lviv.

Two Ukrainians Andriy Bokotey and Frantz Cherniak became outstanding figures in world glass art in the early 1980’s. Their artistic achievements allow us to talk about the subordination of technological principles to philosophical meaning of art works. Their art have general impact on the artistic progress of Lviv glass art at the turn of centuries. The great hopes are connected with the youngest generation of Lviv artists who are actively gaining positions in the contemporary art of glass. These are Andriy Bokotey’s students: Evelina Tryntsolyn, Elina Bilous, Olha Turetska, Viktor Melnychuk, Ostap Ivanyshyn. They try to use even more unconventional approaches to work with glass. And their creative innovations are impressive. Exactly this was demonstrated at the "#glassUA" exhibition in the framework of the 11 International Blown Glass Symposium in Lviv.


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