Exhibition of young Ukrainian artists "#glassUA"

On October 11, at 17:00, the exhibition #glassUA will be opened in the Gallery LNAA in frame of the 11th International Blown Glass Symposium in Lviv.

In the second half of the 20th – the beginning of the 21st century the lion’s share of achievements in the field of
art glass in Ukraine belonged to artists-glaziers of the original Lviv school of arts and crafts that during the 20th
century formed on the rich traditions of folk art of this region, absorbing the heritage of national culture and
achievements of European professional artists. Thanks to Lviv glassblowing artists, Ukrainian glassmaking received a powerful impetus to development.

At the turn of the 21st century, the art of “fire and light” is embodied in the new extraordinary forms. Talented
Ukrainian artists create numerous rare works in blown glass and matte crystal. The boundaries between a
product, sculpture and applied arts are gradually erased in these works. Being developed in the context of the
author’s studio glass, Ukrainian blown glass receives international recognition.

The Lviv group of glassmakers in the early 1980’s became outstanding figures: Andriy Bokotey and
Frants Cherniak. Their artistic achievements even today allow us not only to talk about the latest solutions in
image-plastic tasks in the glass through subordination of technological principles to philosophical filling of works, but also about their general impact on the artistic progress of Lviv glass at the turn of the 21st century.
In some way, we can say that innovative is the experimental-search art of the graduates of the Art Glass
Chair of the Lviv National Academy of Arts in 1980’s and 1990’s. Functioning of the only experimental glass furnace in Ukraine (since 1973), which gives students an opportunity to perform their own works directly in the material, effects on their achievements in the field of their author’s glass works. Such talented students of A. Bokotey and O. Zvir as R. Dmytryk, O. Prynada, A. Petrovskyi, A. Kurylo, O. Shevchenko, I. Matsiievskyi, A. Hohol, V. Tryntsolyn – all are interesting creative personalities, which were especially revealed at the International Blown Glass Symposiums in Lviv since 1989. The great hopes are connected with the youngest generation of Lviv artists who are actively gaining positions in the contemporary art of glass. These are Andriy Bokotey’s “students of the students”:
Evelina Tryntsolyn, Elina Bilous, Olha Turetska, Viktor Melnychuk, Ostap Ivanyshyn. They try to use even more unconventional approaches to work with glass. And their creative innovations are impressive. Exactly this will demonstrate the "#glassUA" exhibition in the framework of the 11 International Blown Glass Symposium in Lviv.


Exhibition will be open till 31st of October.


Photographer: Andrey Chyzhow

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