Baltic glass: dialogue of wind and rain

The Baltic way, as the spirit of freedom and dignity, attracted always. But the way of people, who work with glass, impresses with their challenges. Because this is always an improvisation at the level of risk, the search of the moment, the collision of certain thinking and an abstract embodiment, the struggle of the fire with an artist’s hands, opposition of fragility and strength, in which the art glass is actually born. Anda Munkevica (Latvia), Indre Stulgaite-Kriukiene and Remigijus Kriukas (Lithuania), Ivo Lill (Estonia) devoted themselves to the glass art, carrying their mastership to the perfection and the level of the embodiment of ideas to a philosophy. An ancient tradition of glass art and its permanent supply with new ideas, technical experiments, design solutions and emotional outbursts formed in the world such a phenomenon as the Baltic glass.

The waves of the Baltic Sea income on the sand of the seashore of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The Water connects with the Earth, and an everlasting wonder happens… A shape is being born, is changing and is being embodied. We all have a possibility to observe this, but to transfer the shape of the Water and the Earth collision into the art language, is the gift of artists. The creative way of Anda Munkevica, Indre Stulgaite-Kriukiene and Remigijus Kriukas and Ivo Lill through the dunes of life is performed via the glass – a demanding but bearing the light material. So, let us try to look attentively in the life of glass, enjoy the game of rays in it.

The Baltic confession is a conversation of the wind with a sea, sand dunes with clouds and the rain, behind which the sun is hiding. This is a confession about us and the world, where the great wisdom is in gratitude to the beauty of existence. And the artists offer us this moment of beauty. So the Baltic confession in the language of glass has taken place in the Ukrainian space.

The exhibition is dedicated to our dearest friend Ivo Lill (06/24/1953 - 08/04/2019).

The project is implemented within the framework of the 11-th International Blown Glass Symposium in Lviv

Curators of the exhibition: Elena Som-Serdyukova, PhD and Mykhaylo Bokotey, PhD

The project is being implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Organizers: 11th International Blown Glass Symposium in Lviv, Lviv National Academy of Arts, National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Glass Museum in Lviv, National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art.

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